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How do I do the diet? What do I eat? Can I exercise? All these questions and more can be found in some of the links below and in our blog posts. Our website is full of information and resources to help you succeed on the HCG Diet.

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Come and grab a recipe or two. We have recipes for all types of meals as well as both Phase II and Phase III.

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Read a few success stories from women AND men who have achieved success on the HCG Diet.

Latest Posts

  • HCG Diet Vs. Caloric Cycling HCG Diet Vs. Caloric Cycling
    The HGC diet, or more correctly the HGC weight loss protocol and calorie cycling are both nontraditional and exciting ways to lose fat. How do they stack up against each other? Is caloric cycling the best way to lose fat or is the hGC protocol the best […]...
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  • Difference between HCG drops and Injections You Decide: HCG Drops vs Injections
    Difference Between HCG Drops and HCG Injections Many people call and ask what the difference is with taking the HCG drops vs. taking the injections and which works better.  It is a great question and I’m not sure I have the answer for it, but I will […]...
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  • 40 Day Diet with HCG Why the 40 Day HCG Diet?
    Why the 40 Day Diet? Many people wonder why the HCG diet must be adopted for a minimum of 23 days and a maximum of forty days. The answer to this question is three-fold. HCG supplementation takes three days to take affect, Dr. Simeons believed that 23 […]...
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  • hcg diet tips and tricks HCG Diet Tips and Tricks
    As with all diets, starting a new routine can be difficult. Listed here are some of the tips and tricks that our HCG diet success stories have reported as helping them the most. Pack a lunch box in the morning with all of your meals pre-portioned. This […]...
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  • Meditating Mind over Matter on the HCG diet HCG Diet Tip – Mind Over Matter
    HCG Diet Strategies: How Your Mind Helps Your Body HCG diet drops help convert fat to usable energy. HCG diet benefits include the ability to get on with your life while following a very low calorie diet, without feeling wiped out and starving. But we all need […]...
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  • How the HCG Diet works and How many Drops You Need More Than Just a Diet: How the HCG Diet Works
    More Thank Just a Diet: How the HCG Diet Works You may be wondering how HCG diet drops can help you lose weight. A diet is a diet, right? And if you eat fewer calories than you burn, you’ll succeed? It’s not that simple. Not all diets […]...
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  • Dr Simeons HCG Diet Protocol Science and History of the HCG Diet
    During the 1930’s, HCG was given to children who had been diagnosed with Frolich’s syndrome, a rare childhood metabolic disorder marked by obesity and slowed growth of the genital organs resulting from tumors in the hypothalamus gland. HCG not only treated the slowed growth of the genitalia […]...
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  • High Energy on the HCG Diet High Energy And The HCG Diet
    High Energy And The HCG Diet: Strategies For Maximum Weight Loss Regular diets can leave you exhausted, starving and bad tempered. HCG weight loss is different – with the HCG diet you have the energy you need to live life to the full and enjoy maximum success […]...
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